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Web site word counter for translators

TransAbacus is an essential tool for translators to estimate and budget web site translation or localization projects.

TransAbacus gets a website address or URL and returns the list of pages on the site, with the number of words for each one. Optionally, the user can also get the number of words in title, alt text and meta-tags (whose translation is as important as the body translation because several search engines use them to accurately index the web page, but unfortunately they are generally not considered at estimation time). Additionally, TransAbacus counts the words in text files linked by the URL (the current version of TransAbacus counts the words for .pdf, .txt and .rtf files).

TransAbacus main screen.


*  Saves time and money: TransAbacus allows you to estimate and budget quickly and easily your website translation or localization project. Have you ever spent some time budgeting a project, just to see that it exceeds what the customer is willing to pay?

* Easy to use: TransAbacus was designed to be extremely intuitive, so users have virtually no learning curve. Just enter the URL of the website you want to count and press the "Count" button. 

* Low cost: License cost is very affordable. Also, it is more economical than other similar products which, by the way, offer less functionality than TransAbacus.

* Flexible options: TransAbacus offers several options to match your counting needs: it allows you to select what to count (body, title, alt text, meta-tags, files), how to count them (whether to take into account repeated sentences or not, not to count numbers as words), among other things.

* Easy to install: the setup program will easily guide you to install TransAbacus on your computer. 


  • Limited to 5 pages/files count


  • Unlimited pages/files count